Cebu Exchange Condominium for Sale

Cebu Exchange Condo for Sale in IT Park, Apas Cebu City Philippines

Apas Cebu Condominiums are for Sale thru Cash or Installment like Pag-IBIG, Bank, In-house Financing and Lease to Own.

Condo for sale in IT Park Lahug: Cebu Exchange Condominium


Cebu Exchange condo for sale is a well-balanced business ecosystem with smart and sustainable office technologies plush amenities and a diverse retail mix.




December 2, 2022 update

Cebu Exchange Condominium for Sale
- IT Park, Apas, Cebu City, Philippines

Cebu Exchange for sale in IT Park Apas

Reservation/purchasing of this unit can be done personally in the office OR online! All payments must be directly deposited to the Cebu Exchange's bank account.

CEBU EXCHANGE CONDOMINIUM– Office Spaces in Cebu I.T. Park (Target Date of Completion is on 2021)!

Cebu Exchange is strategically located at Cebu I.T. Park in Cebu City, one of the most influential economic centers in the Philippines and is quickly emerging as one of the top IT – BPO destinations in the world.

A masterpiece of sustainable development, the Cebu Exchange is a well-balanced business ecosystem with smart and sustainable office technologies, plus amenities, and a diverse retail mix where businesses and individuals can thrive in harmony.

Once completed, the Cebu Exchange will be the Philippines’ largest and greenest business ecosystem, offering a sustainable workspace environment.

Using environment-friendly materials, Cebu Exchange is master planned for optimum sustainability. Among its features are water recycling plumbing systems, energy saving air-conditioning, and both a verdant terrace garden and a breathtaking sky park.

Designed with the productivity, efficiency, and comfort of its future tenants in mind, these well-appointed features are among the many that make Cebu Exchange a remarkable sustainable development deserving of its awards and commendations.

At the Cebu Exchange, locators and tenants are sure to find the right space for their specific needs, with a variety of cuts and sizes that would allow them to customize and curate their own harmonious working environment.

Designed with leading-edge sustainable office technologies, thoughtful amenities, an abundance of green elements, coupled with a completely diverse retail mix, the Cebu Exchange is touted to become Cebu’s premier business ecosystem offering the perfect environment for both organizations and individuals to grow. Not only will the overall efficiency of business improve, but the well being of workforce as well.

Thoughtful and deliberate from design to execution, the Cebu Exchange will boast of a wonderful selection of amenities that will elevate employee experience and well-being, creating a true business ecosystem. From jogging paths to beautiful landscaped decks and open-air lounges, everything has been carefully considered.


  1. Building Management System for common areas.
  2. Security and Maintenance Features.
  3. Convenience and Effeciency Features.
  4. Fire Safety Measures
  5. Lobbies and Drop-off Facilities.
  6. Retail shops, services, and restaurants.
  7. High speed elevators.
        ◦ 3 retail elevators
        ◦ 4 low zone elevators.
        ◦ 8 mid zone elevators
        ◦ 8 high zone elevators.
  8. 4m floor-to-floor height.
  9. 945 parking slots
  10. LEED & BERDE pre-certifications.
  11. VRF air conditioning system.
  12. Provisions for individual metering for AC.
  13. Telecom redundancy & fiber optic backbone.
  14. 100% emergency power.


  1. Option for data centers and server rooms.
  2. Fire detection & alarm system.
  3. Common toilets on office floors.
  4. Rainwater harvesting tank.
  5. Efficient plumbing system.
  6. Materials recovery facility
  7. PWD friendly.
  8. Calibrated Green Building.


  1. Registered for LEED and BERDE certifications.
  2. Masterplanned with 30% greens and open spaces.
  3. Three (3) landscaped decks (Terrace Garden, Sky Park, Penthouse Deck).
  4. Low-emission building materials.
  5. 40:60 glass-to-concrete ratio for optimized natural lighting.
  6. Double-glazed Low-E windows
  7. Low voltage LED general lighting in select common areas.
  8. Maximized natural air ventilation
  9. Improved indoor air quality.
  10. Energy saving air-conditioning system
  11. Dual-piping system for restrooms.
  12. Dual-flush water closets in common restrooms
  13. Low-flow valves in common restrooms.
  14. Rainwater collection and recycling
  15. Efficient waste-management system through recycling programs.
  16. Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)
  17. Dedicated Low-Emitting Fuel Efficient Vehicle (LEFEV) parking provisions.


  1. Drop-Off
  2. Main Lobby
  3. Elevator Lobby.
  4. Retail Area
  5. Salinas Drive Entrance
  6. Retail Arcade.
  7. Terrace Garden
  8. Sky Park.

This may vary depending floor location and where it is facing.
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cebu exchange condominium for sale
OFFICE: 161 sqm

Office space for sale at Cebu Exchange in IT Park Apas Cebu City.

  • Unit price: PhP 23,562,105
  • Parking space: 1,013,465.
  • Total contract price: PhP 27,524,639 including VAT
  • 25th floor unit C.
  • Additional payments:
        ◦ Documentary stamp: PhP 368,640
        ◦ Registration fees: PhP 112,296
        ◦ Transfer tax: PhP 184,316
        ◦ Notarial and titling fees: PhP 98,862.

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