PreciousVille Subdivision Houses for Sale

PreciousVille Subdivision House and Lot for Sale in Talisay City Cebu Philippines

Cebu (Talisay City) House and Lot for Sale through Cash or Installment like Pag-IBIG, Bank, In-house Financing and Rent to Own.

House for sale: PreciousVille Subdivision


PreciousVille nestled in a prime and accessible location along the highway, near to the Barangay Hall, markets, schools, malls, and other establishments.


December 19, 2022 update

PreciousVille Subdivision
- Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines

PreciousVille subdivision for sale in Talisay City Cebu.

Reservation/purchasing of this unit can be done personally in the office OR online! All payments must be directly deposited to the Preciousville's bank account.

     1. Townhouse 2 Bedroom - AVAILABLE
     2. Townhouse Bare Unit - SOLD OUT


  • 24 Hours Security
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Parks and Playgrounds.
  • Gated Subdivision with Guardhouse
  • Underground Drainage System.
  • Water and Electrical Lines
  • Concrete roads, curbs and gutter.
  • Concrete Perimeter Fence
  • Chapel
  • Open Basketball Court.

Preciousville, a 5.5 hectare property is strategically located in Brgy Lagtang, Talisay City. It is the only low cost development in Talisay Cebu that offers you a priceless panoramic view of the city and the sea.

Preciousville will be the home to the lucky and auspicious 888 homeowners. Ideal for the starting or growing families, there are two types of houses to choose from – Socialized and Economic Units.

Nestled in a prime and accessible location along the highway, it is near to the Barangay Hall, local markets, schools, malls and other establishments. It is just 4km away from the Cebu South Coastal Road, 1km away from Tabunok Fly-over and 15 mins away from Cebu Proper.

With our exclusive amenities and gated community, Preciousville is definitely the best affordable haven for the average Filipino family.

This Economic Finished Unit is a contemporary residence nestled on the higher elevated part of the subdivision that encompasses the spectacular city backdrop with an unbroken view of the sea and a faraway coastline.

With a conscious design that maximizes home efficiency, this spectacular, modern family home provides adequate space for a small family. The floor plan incorporates 2 bedrooms, a carport, simple kitchen, 2 bathrooms, a service area for laundry and a chic living/dining area. This truly is a dream abode for the growing family.

This socialized finished unit is a two-storey unit ideal for single men and women or a starting family. The unit starts at 28sqm lot area with a carport and living areas to bring out life’s daily necessities.

With its warm sense of community, and only moments to shops, eateries and transport, this home provides all the elements for relaxing, comfortable and easycare living.

The most important corners of our life is to have a place where we can be satisfied with, to go in peace at the comforts of our own home! Whether it is socialized or economic housing units, having a house that we can call our own is one common desire for us. In this regard, please try to check this property, thus make a wise decision and chase that long desire of yours and finally acquire a house and lot.

In Talisay City, there’s still available houses that are in good Quality yet Affordable House and Lot as ideal design for Filipino Homes. Offers Hassle Free Payment Schemes with 0% Interest and Shorter Term loan. No Need for Bank or Pag-ibig Housing Loan. Have 5 payment options to decide what scheme would fit for you.

This may vary depending lot sizes, unit location, and where it is facing.
Prices in CEBU Real Estate Shop is the same as if you go directly to the sales office.

preciousville talisay house and lot for sale preciousville talisay floor plan 2 bedroom
TOWNHOUSE: 2 Storey.

3 unit of 2 bedroom townhouse for sale in PreciousVille Subdivision in Lagtang, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines.


  • Floor area: 46 sqm.
  • Lot area: 40 sqm
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 Toilet and Bath
  • Carport
  • Colored Roof.
  • Concrete Slab
  • CR Water Closet (Lever Type w/ Flush)
  • Dining Area.
  • Finished Kitchen Counter
  • Kitchen
  • Living Area
  • Service Area.
  • Tiles on CR Floor and CR Wall
  • With Ceiling
  • With Stairs to 2nd Floor
  • With Tiles on Ground Floor.
  • With Tiles on Second Floor
  • With Wall Partitions for Rooms in 2nd Floor.

  1. Selling price: PhP 3,112,650
  2. 30% Equity with 0% interest payable in ;
        ◦ 36 months: PhP 25,938/month.
  3. 70% Balance through Pag-IBIG HDMF financing: PhP 2,178,855.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this is based on 6.375% actual interest rates of Pag-IBIG Home Development Mutual Fund:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 42,499/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 24,597/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 18,825/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 16,079/month.
        ◦ 25 years: PhP 14,535/month
        ◦ 30 years: PhP 13,586/month.
  4. Transfer charges: PhP 285,370 to be added in the selling price and to paid on or before turnover. This is for title processing and registration.

preciousville talisay bare unit house and lot for sale
TOWNHOUSE: 2 Storey.

Bare unit - SOLD OUT.

  1. Selling price: PhP 1,489,100 - SOLD OUT
  2. Equity of 270,000 with 0% interest payable in ;
        ◦ 1st year: PhP 10,000/month
        ◦ 2nd year: PhP 12,500/month.
  3. 70% Balance through Pag-IBIG HDMF financing: PhP 1,219,100.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this is based on 6.375% actual interest rates of Pag-IBIG Home Development Mutual Fund:
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 23,569/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 13,535/month.
        ◦ 25 years: PhP 10,287/month
        ◦ 30 years: PhP 8,734/month.
  4. Transfer charges: PhP 170,420 to be added in the selling price and to paid on or before turnover. This is for title processing and registration.

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