BLOQ Talamban Condo for Sale in Cebu City

BLOQ Residences Talamban Condo for Sale in Cebu City Philippines

Talamban Cebu Condominium for Sale through Cash or Installment like Pag-IBIG, Bank, In-house Financing and Lease to Own.

Cebu Condo for Sale: BLOQ Talamban


Bloq Talamban is a ready for occupancy condo and it is a very accessible to schools and other establishments. Along jeepney line to Cebu City downtown.



October 28, 2022 update

BLOQ Condo for Sale
- Talamban, Cebu City, Philippines

BLOQ Talamban condo for sale

Reservation/purchasing of this unit can be done personally in the office OR online! All payments must be directly deposited to the BLOQ's bank account.

Bloq Residences Talamban is a ready for occupancy condo and it is a very accessible to schools and other establishments. Along jeepney line via 13C route at Tintay to Cebu City downtown. One ride to University of San Carlos Talamban and Cebu City Campus, Country Mall and Ayala Mall.

BLOQ RESIDENCES are boutique dwellings that are conceptualized with the millennials in mind – those carefree, adventurous, ambitious and highly independent members of the young generation who are making a difference now. The objective ifs for these young professionals have their first that they can also benefit and enjoy from. Something where they can put all their creative energies into by way of tastefully designing and creating concepts that will express their individuality as a person. It is a place where you can live, create and express freedom in the choices you make as a person and a member of the community. It is not just an abode but it evokes more of what you are and what your passions are.

We all dream of our own kind of home. We usually have an image of what the house would look like, what furniture we want to have and where to place them, what type of neighborhood it has to be? A number of wishes and preferences that we can all have if we just look for them. Do you prefer somewhere in the city or out in the countryside? The options are many. But if you know what you want, it will be easy to have it.

If you’re in the Queen City of South – the modern and affordable residential condominiums are right all over the metro. Ideal and prime location condominiums such as Plaridel, Sikatuna, Banawa and Talamban are those points where the block of BLOQ RESIDENCES are. Yes, you heard it right. A number of condominiums await you in those areas so you have a number of options.

BLOQ Residences are affordable modern residential developments in strategic locations in Cebu City such as Talamban, Plaridel, Sikatuna, and Banawa. Theseaffordable urban condominiums have 2 types of unit, the Studio and Loft. It is noteworthy to note that both Studio and Loft have differences - each one unique and functional of each own.

When you want a unit to be high-ceilinged, with your own private space asbedroom at the upper portion, while the main or lower level is designed for the living area, fitted out bathroom, kitchen and dining areas. On the other hand, the studio unit is a place that is confortable as it is – a good mix of space and cost with an option for combination with an adjacent unit for a bigger area of dwelling.

This property presents a series of affordable urban condominiums that offer 2 (two) types of unit, the Studio and Loft. Indeed, you can move freely here, as space planning is efficient and cost-effective. Each space reflects the uniqueness and individuality of anyone who has a discriminating taste has. No wonder that this dwelling can also be enjoyed by the young professionals looking for their initial investment. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a young urban professional on the verge of climbing up the corporate ladder or a newly-married couple starting a family of your own, this piece of investment is a wise, judicious one. Most of all, it can be a lasting legacy to your love ones as surely it would appreciate over the years. What’s more: you can be assured that you would be putting your hard-earned money or savings to good use as this investment is deemed a valuable one. Purchasing the unit as a “value for money” since the unit that you will be owning makes use of the meticulous planning for spaces as well as design themes that are packaged and priced competitively to meet your budget and preferences. Perhaps, as an option – you can also choose to lease out your unit to maximize its value as your first property investment. Or, altogether enjoy living in the creative and vibrant lifestyle that this place provides for you and love ones. This is an investment, a legacy or an asset – it’s a lifestyle where your passions for creativity are made into a reality.

You might ask what group is behind the property? It is developed by ACROPOLIS LAND, a company affiliated with RFK HOLDINGS, INC. This group’s thrust is in building and developing homes that are functional and have stylish and classy design condos. This group has provided the people of Cebu of modern, quality and affordable homes in the country, specifically in the city’s strategic areas.

Never can you see such a cozy and warm dwelling that’s so affordable, too. You can own a studio or loft unit at BLOQ RESIDENCES for only Php 5,000 or Php 10,000 a month equity. Yes, you read it right. If you think of renting a space for yourself or family – think again. It could be the best decision of your lifetime to own one unit here with the value for money it provides their residents.

The fact is that this property is the very first development to introduce quality, modern and affordable boutique type of residences that are suitable for people and families on the go is a testament that the people behind this concept believe that CEBU is ready for this. For those who want a different and independent lifestyle that showcase your own personality – this dwelling is apt for you. Make that simple and easy choice as you pursue your goals and passions in life. Never will you come to a perfect home that is styled with your discriminating preference and exquisite taste in mind. Make it here at BLOQ RESIDENCES for a dream home that you would certainly love for a lifetime. Express your individuality and freedom as you start living in the way that you’ve always wanted. Make that move right here as we wait in celebration of your success and victories.

Unit choices are usually a studio with a floor area of 18 sq. m while a loft is at 24 sqm. There are also options for a big studio and a big loft, depending on your need and budget. You can retrofit a single unit or combine two units for a bigger space, allowing you to move freely. Your individual expressions and creative pursuits are definitely harnessed when you stay in your place. There are a lot of possibilities. Experiment on your own. Explore all the limitless options. It is yours – a unit that will speak well of you as an individual in pursuit if bigger passions and challenges in life. Anything here is possible. You can do it!

Moreover, all the units in BLOQ RESIDENCES maintain a certain distinct status and character showing space dynamics, theme designs, modern construction and design concepts, construction uprightness and last but not the least, value for money.

NOTE: if loan is approved and released within 15 months upon reservation, you will be given a 10% discount on the TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE!

This may vary depending floor location and where it is facing.
Prices in CEBU Real Estate Shop is the same as if you go directly to the sales office.

bloq talamban floor plan studio
STUDIO UNIT: 18 sqm.

This studio unit is for sale.

  • Selling price: PhP 1,975,000.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 0 (none).
  • 5% Spot Downpayment: PhP 98,750 (to move-in).
  • 5% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 60 months: PhP 15,693/month.
  • 90% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 1,867,500.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 36,104/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 20,733/month
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 15,759/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 13,379/month.

bloq talamban floor plan loft type
LOFT TYPE: 26.10 sqm.

Loft type unit condo is for sale.

  • Selling price: PhP 2,975,000.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 0 (none).
  • 5% Spot Downpayment: PhP 148,750
  • 5% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 5 months: PhP 29,750/month.
  • 90% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 2,677,500.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 51,764/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 29,726/month
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 22,594/month
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 19,182/month.

Real Estate values are increasing. The price is subject to increase without prior notice... So if you are aiming to have these properties, reserve now!!!

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