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Top Real Estate Company in Cebu Philippines. condo, house and lot or land for sale through cash, Pag-IBIG, Bank or In-House Financing. Highly recommended.

Discover your dream home in Cebu with the top-rated real estate company. We offer a range of options including condos, houses, lots, and land for sale, with flexible payment options like cash, Pag-IBIG, Bank or In-House Financing. Highly recommended!

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Cebu Condominiums - For Sale

Discover the ultimate in luxury living with our range of stunning condos for sale in Cebu City, Lapu-lapu, Talisay, and Mandaue. From cozy studios, 1-, 2-, 3-bedroom to opulent penthouses, find your perfect condo today!

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Discover your perfect home in Cebu and beyond! Explore our collection of stunning properties for sale in Mandaue, Lapu-lapu, Talisay, Naga, Carcar, and more. From cozy houses to spacious villas, find your dream home today!

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Unlock the potential of your investment with our prime land properties for sale! Choose from subdivision lots, beachfront properties, and expansive hectares of raw land across Cebu and Bohol. Secure your future today.

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Bohol Properties - For Sale

Discover your dream property in Bohol, Philippines with our collection of stunning house and lots, condos for sale in Tagbilaran City and nearby towns of Antequera, Dauis, Panglao, and Baclayon. Explore now and find your perfect home!

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Find your perfect rental property today! Discover our range of houses and lots, condos, and commercial spaces available for rent on a contractual basis. Contact us now for more information and secure your dream space.

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Looking for great deals on real estate properties? Check out our list of resale and promotional offerings, featuring condos, houses and lots, and land for sale. Click the button now to explore our latest promos!

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Investing in real estate in Cebu is a smart choice for many reasons. First of all, Cebu is a highly developed province in the Philippines, with a booming economy and a rapidly growing population. This means that the demand for quality housing and commercial spaces is high, making it an ideal location for real estate investment.

Another reason to invest in real estate in Cebu is the city's thriving tourism industry. Cebu is known for its beautiful beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture, which attract millions of tourists each year. This creates a strong market for vacation rentals and short-term accommodations, making it a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors.

Additionally, the cost of living in Cebu is relatively low compared to other major cities in the Philippines, making it an attractive option for both locals and expats. This has contributed to the steady growth of the real estate market in the area, with prices increasing year after year.

Finally, the government of Cebu has been actively promoting foreign investment in the area, offering various incentives and programs to encourage investors to take advantage of the growing economy. These initiatives have helped to create a favorable business environment for real estate investors, making Cebu a top destination for real estate investment in the Philippines.

In summary, investing in real estate in Cebu is a wise decision due to its strong economy, growing population, thriving tourism industry, affordable cost of living, and government support for foreign investment. With all these factors in play, the potential for high returns on investment is significant, making it a great opportunity for real estate investors looking to make a profit.

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We believe peace of mind can be obtained if you are living with your own property. Investing as the market values of real estate grows up. We, at CEBU-Real Estate Shop provide assistance and support for those individuals who are searching to have their dream home, business minded persons who are investing properties.

We set-up our user-friendly website with rich information, including details, sample computation, photos and videos (for some) in order for the prospect buyers to have full information before site tripping and/or reservation. We intended this so that each buyer will purchase the right properties.

We are in the sales department connected with the developers in Cebu and Bohol Philippines. We will not charge any amount to the buyers. What price in the developer office is the same as what we posted on our website. Buyers need to pay only to the developer office with our presence. We can assist the buyer in the processing of their document whether it is paid in cash, Pag-IBIG HDMF, bank financing, in-house financing and lease / rent to own properties. We guarantee that you will be accompanied by us from start to finish during the whole process of purchasing the property, up until the turnover of purchased unit(s).

Our company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as affiliated with 168 Land Realty and Development Corporation. For over the years, CEBU-Real Estate Shop received multiple awards with real estate agents and broker registered with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

If you wish to have property in Cebu and Bohol. Whether it is a Condominium, House and Lot or Raw Land, feel free to inquire / send a message / call... we'd be happy to entertain any real estate questions / inquiries.

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