Taft East Gate Condo for Sale Near Ayala Mall Cebu

Taft East Gate Condominium for Sale Close to Ayala Mall Cebu City Philippines

Cebu Condominiums near Ayala Mall for Sale through Cash or Installment like Pag-IBIG, Bank and In-house Financing.

Condo for sale near Ayala Center Cebu: Taft East Gate Condominium Property


The Taft East Gate condo is for those who want to have it all. Master-planned, high rise, 4 tower and mixed-used community with dining and retail outlets.



September 12, 2022 update

Taft East Gate Condo for Sale
- Near Ayala Mall Cebu City Philippines

Taft East Gate condo for sale.

Reservation/purchasing of this unit can be done personally in the office OR online! All payments must be directly deposited to the Taft East Gate's bank account.

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  1. Land Area: 15,000 sqm.
  2. Development Type: Residential and Mixed-use
  3. Total Number of Buildings: 4.
  4. Total Number of Residential Units (Tower 1): 894.
  5. Unit Mix (Tower 1)
        ◦ Studio: 494 Units
        ◦ One-Bedroom: 334 Units
        ◦ Two-Bedroom: 64 Units.
        ◦ Three-Bedroom: 2 Units.
  6. Location: Pope John Paul II Avenue Corner Cardinal Rosales Avenue Barangay Mabolo, Cebu City.


  1. Retail podium
  2. Hotel-Inspired Grand Lobby for each Tower.
  3. Four (4) High-speed Elevators with Key Card Access.
  4. CCTV on selected Common Areas.
  5. Provision for Cable TV, Telephone, Data & CATV connections.
  6. Fire Detection and Alarm System.
  7. 100% Standby Power Generator (common areas and residential units).


  1. Play area
  2. Swimming Pool.
  3. Gym & Function Halls
  4. Multi-purpose Sports Area.
  5. Landscaped Gardens
  6. Retail Shops
  7. Sky plaza.


  • 10% Spot DP with 10% discount, 5% in 12 months, and 85% Bank Financing.
  • Easy-Q Promo – 15% in 42 months, and 80% through bank financing.
  • Deferred Cash – 100% payable in 24 months with 3% discount.
  • Deferred Cash – 100% payable in 36 months, with 0% discount.
  • Spot Cash – 100% spot cash with 8% discount payable in 30 days upon reservation date.

TAFT EAST GATE CEBU properties is a master-planned, near to Ayala Center Mall, Cebu Business Park and across Landers Superstore, high rise, 4 tower residential and mix use community in the heart of Cebu City supported by dining and retail outlets to be developed in 4 phases.

A veritable oasis in the city center, Taft East Gate Cebu is the answer to those who want to have it all. Located in an exciting neighborhood, the development will have more to offer with a hotel, residences, office spaces, numerous retail options, and more to cater to a modern and active lifestyle.

If you are looking for world class, affordable housing in the heart of Cebu City, look no further than Taft East Gate. This stunning new development is well underway and promises its residents an unrivalled quality of life. This beautiful multi-use complex ensures you will have everything you need, and much more, right on your doorstep.

It’s the jewel in the crown for leading real estate developers Taft Properties, who are striving to offer residents a micro-township inclusive of all they could ever need and more. Ove the last 20 years they have worked tirelessly to improve the way people live, by developing some of its fines condominium communities in the Philippines. Their development cate to a wide range of people, form students to pensioners and everyone in between.

With Taft East Gate, the developers have really thought of everything. From the stunning central location, to the fantastic amenities and facilities on offer, it all adds up to a spectacular place to call home. For anyone looking for a relaxing oasis, as well as everything the thriving city of Cebu offers, Taft East Gate could well be your home sweet home right close to Ayala Center Mall Cebu City Philippines.

Taft East Gate is an ambitious project that is set to introduce a micro-township community, stretching out for 1.5 hectares on the corner of Pope John Paul II Avenue and Cardinal Rosales Avenue. The entire development will consist of four high rise, mixed used towers, housing commercial and residential units. With plans to create housing, shopping outlets, entertainment venues and hotels, as well as several on site amenities, the site will become a self-contained oasis in the city.

The first tower under construction is the Sumilon Tower, stretching up over 40 storey high and fast becoming and iconic addition to the city skyline. The modern architecture gives the tower a stylish look that is also practical. It’s’ serviced by four high speed elevators that features key card access, ensuring only residents and their guests can access the residential units.

Each tower will also feature a breathtaking grand lobby, inspired by some of the most renowned hotel in the world. As far as safety is concerned, modern and efficient smoke and fire detection and sprinkler systems are in place throughout the building. For peace of mind, several of the communal areas are monitored by unobtrusive, strategically place CCTV cameras.

You need never worry about the losing power, as the entire building is serviced by a standby, backup generator. This will efficiently restore power to all residential units and communal areas, and as a result, you won’t ever be left in the dark.

The tower houses a multi-storey car park, complete with a great many parking units, which are available to buy separately. Outside, the development will feature beautiful landscaped gardens, transporting you away from the daily grind moment you set foot on the immaculately kept lawns.

In total there are 894 residential units in the Sumilon tower, ranging in size from 28 sqm to 80 sqm, and in price from around 4.5 M to 26 M. The majority of the units are located from the 11th floor up to the 41st floor. There are three types of apartments to choose from, which vary slightly in size and layout depending on where exactly they are in the building.

Each unit is finished to a high standard, with a painted walls throughout, tiled floor, toilet and bathroom fittings, wooden doors, and kitchen counter tops, sink and cabinets. The showers all feature fast-drain technology, creating a safe and hygienic area.

Taft East Gate is a residential condominium developed by Taft Properties in Cebu City. The condominium is currently under construction status. It will be the central feature in a vibrant micro township community that is being planned by Taft Properties in Cebu City Philippines. This master-planned community will sit on a 50-hectare land area, which is also within close proximity to the Cebu Business Park. It will bring together residential, retail, commercial, and business facilities into one place.

Taft Properties’ Taft East Gate is a one-stop shop for all things you want to enjoy and lead the lifestyle you want. Whether you thrive in a slow or fast-paced kind of life, the contemporary living experience that this condominium and its surrounding developments will have to offer cannot be denied. Everything you could imagine you need in life (no matter what your lifestyle might be) is literally within a few steps away. You can therefore be in charge of you own life on how you live it!

Taft Properties is the real estate development firm behind this ambitious condominium project in Cebu. This company has steady risen and established its reputation as one of the prime real estate developers in the country. For years, the firm has produced fine housing communities that are targeted for families, young professionals, and retirees. The company has been around since 1997 so they bring more than two decades of expertise. Experience, and knowledge in this project. Since then, they have earned their reputation as the top developer for micro-township and master-planned communities that are all about combining comfort with design.

Taft East Gate therefore positions itself as a veritable oasis within the center of Cebu City. If you are living to reside in an exciting neighborhood, or you simply want to have it all, look no further. The Taft East Gate project is therefore more than just condominium; it is a four-tower mixed-use development that will include office space, hotels, retail shops, and more. As for the condominium, there will be 894 units available at Tower 1. In total, there are 496 Studio units, 334 one-bedroom units, and 64 two-bedroom units.

Finding a space that defines your lifestyle should therefore be easy with up to 4 units available to choose from. There is one unique feature that Taft East Gate will introduce to the Cebu City Condominium scene: a garden balcony. While there are plenty of condominium in Cebu, all of them lack an exclusive garden balcony. Hence, Taft Properties are proud to unveil that unit buyers will have the option to pick units that come with an exclusive balcony. This will add suburban, but homey and charming atmosphere to every unit. It will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the sweeping views of the Cebu City skyline from your unit. It is therefore the developer’s way of bringing as sense of nature and suburban feel into the heart of the city. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?

This may vary depending floor location and where it is facing.
Prices in CEBU Real Estate Shop is the same as if you go directly to the sales office.

taft east gate condominium floor plan studio 28 sqm
STUDIO UNIT: 28.01 sqm

Studio unit for sale at Taft East Gate in Cebu Business Park.


  • Total contract price: PhP 5,548,056
    30th floor unit D.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 30,000.
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 12 months: PhP 89,968/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 4,438,445.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 85,808/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 49,276/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 37,454/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 31,798/month.

As far as individual units, Studio units will have the option to go with or without balcony. A typical studio unit with balcony at Taft East Gate will have up to 43.85 square meters of livable space.

taft east gate condominium floor plan studio 29 sqm
STUDIO UNIT: 29.58 sqm

Bigger studio unit in tower 1 for sale at Taft East Gate condominium Cebu City.

  • Total contract price: PhP 7,127,896
    32nd floor unit L.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 50,000.
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 12 months: PhP 114,632/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 5,702,317.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 110,242/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 63,307/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 48,119/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 40,853/month.

Meanwhile, Studio units without a balcony with have a total floor area of up to 43.85 square meters. Starting price of Studio unit is PhP 8.6 Million.

taft east gate condominium floor plan studio 36 sqm
STUDIO UNIT: 36.07 sqm with Balcony


The studios apartment are the most affordable, and smallest, of all the options. They offer between 27.78 and 36.07 sqm of the total floor space depending on where they are in the building. They’re self-contained and ideal for students and young professionals. Some units feature a balcony.

taft east gate condominium-floor plan 1 bedroom
1 BEDROOM UNIT: 43.10 sqm

1 bedroom unit in tower 1 is for sale at Taft East Gate condominium in Cebu City.


  • Total contract price: PhP 8,493,834
    20th floor unit H.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 50,000.
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 12 months: PhP 137,397/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 6,795,067.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 131,368/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 75,439/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 57,341/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 48,682/month.

The one-bedroom apartments are the next step up and are very spacious, with between 43 and 47.5 sqm of total space. With separate bedroom cut off from the living area, it’s a lot more private and there’s the possibility of using the living area as additional sleeping space if required. Again, some units are complete with a garden balcony.

taft east gate condominium-floor plan 1 bedroom 47 sqm
1 BEDROOM: 47.59 sqm with balcony

1 bedroom unit condo with balcony in tower 1 for sale at Taft East Gate in Cebu Business Park.

  • Total contract price: PhP 9,336,376
    19th floor unit I.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 100,000.
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 12 months: PhP 7,469,101/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 6,795,067.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 144,399/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 82,922/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 63,029/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 53,511/month.

A one-bedroom unit with balcony will have 47.59 square-meters of floor are available for you to enjoy. On the other hand, a unit that does not have a balcony will measure at 43.1 square meter in floor area. A one-bedroom unit will have a starting price of PhP 4.6 Million.

taft east gate condominium-floor plan 1 bedroom 60 sqm
2 BEDROOM UNIT: 63.99 sqm

SOLD OUT - 2 bedroom unit in tower 1 is for sale at Taft East Gate Condominium in Cebu Business Park.


Two-unit type, all two-bedroom units will have a standard balcony. The floor area for this unit type will range from 60 to 79 square meters.

taft east gate condominium floor plan 2 bedroom
2 BEDROOM UNIT: 73.35 sqm

2 bedroom unit at Taft East Gate condo for sale in Cebu Business Park Cebu City.

  • Total contract price: PhP 15,889,931
    34th floor unit K.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 100,000.
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 12 months: PhP 256,499/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 12,711,945.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 245,758/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 141,129/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 107,271/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 91,072/month.

Ranging in size from between 60 and 80 sqm, the two-bedroom units are very spacious and great for families. All feature an en suite bathroom in the master bedroom, plus and additional bathroom, spacious kitchen and living areas and a garden balcony, offering spectacular view over the city.

taft east gate condominium floor plan 3 bedroom
3 BEDROOM UNIT: 121 sqm.



The largest unit available at Taft East Gate is the three-bedroom unit. The cost of acquiring you own unit at this condominium development is still fairly reasonable priced by Cebu’s standards. This despite the fact that there is a wide array of amenities to choose from and the proximity of the location to the business and commercial center through it is close to Cebu Business Park and across to Landers Superstore.

All units here in Taft East Gate are transfer charges inclusive. Already added in the given selling price.

Real Estate values are increasing. The price is subject to increase without prior notice... So if you are aiming to have these properties, reserve now!!!

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