Cheap Lot for Sale in Dumanjug Cebu

2.2 Hectares Cheap Lot for Sale in Kanghumaod Dumanjug Cebu Philippines

Dumanjug Cebu Cheap Lot for Sale through Cash or Bank Installment.

Cheap Lot for sale: Dumanjug Cebu


Invest in a 2.2-hectare cheap lot in Dumanjug, Cebu with a clean title for only P 120/sqm. Total selling price: P 2,697,000. Located along the barangay road.


February 20, 2023 update

2.2 Hectares Cheap Lot for Sale
- Kanghumaod, Dumanjug, Cebu

Cheap lot for sale in Dumanjug Cebu.

All payment cheques for land properties must be made payable to the land owner. All agreements shall be stated in the contract to buy and shall be notarized to ensure validity.


  • Area: 2.2475 Hectares = 22,475 sqm.
  • Clean title
  • Selling price per square-meter: PhP 120/sqm.
  • Total selling price: PhP 2,697,000.
  • Flat Terrain
  • Elevation: High (bukid)
  • Along barangay road.
  • 2 points of entry;
        ◦ First from corner shamrock Barili(9km)
        ◦ Second from corner of Tapon,Dumanjug road or now known as Dumanjug Argao Sibonga road. (4km).
  • Capital gain tax are on the owner's account.
  • Transfer and registration fees are on the buyer's account.
  • Better grab now while its cheaper and affordable.
  • If you want to buy a fraction or portion of the land, please contact us.

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Looking for a cheap yet spacious lot in Dumanjug, 6035 Cebu, PH? Check out this 2.2-hectare property for sale in Kanghumaod, Dumanjug. With an area of 22,475 square meters and a selling price of only PhP 120 per square meter, this land is perfect for anyone who wants to build their dream home or start a business. The terrain is flat and the elevation is high, providing a great view of the surrounding area. There are two points of entry, one from corner Shamrock Barili (9km) and the second from the corner of Tapon, Dumanjug road or now known as Dumanjug Argao Sibonga road (4km). Capital gain tax is on the owner's account, while transfer and registration fees are on the buyer's account. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of land in Cebu, contact us now!

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