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We started in real estate business in 2007. We have managed to establish our company’s reputation as one of the most successful real estate agencies in Cebu Philippines, and now we are expanding to Bohol. You can place your confidence and trust in a company that has been recognized, and an award-winning in excellence in real estate service.

We are bound by the rules of conduct and ethics of real estate since our broker and agents are licensed by the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) which ensure you a high level of reliability and professionalism. By this, your investment is protected and maximized.

We are sincere and honest in this business. Aside from our excellence in real estate service we add something that cannot be bought with money, it is our integrity and dedication.

We always have your best interests in mind when searching for your desired properties and take care of your concerns. Our focus is to give you the best possible real estate offer based on your perspective, wants, and needs.

Going directly to the developer’s office to have lesser price is invariably a false economy. Whether you go directly or seek a real estate agent's assistance is exactly the same price. Agents will ensure that you will have the best package you’ll get. We will be assisting you that you'll get all the freebees, and what is needed to be checked during the handover.

Whether you presently live in Cebu, across the country, or overseas, our real estate agents / broker will be there to help and assist you in which we can act as your representative so you can be able to purchase the property.

We have more than 700 listings of raw land in Bohol and Cebu Philippines. It is carefully appraised; we sell only land with realistic and reasonable prices based on the location zonal value. That is the reason why we posted only a few instead on our website.

If our buyers changed their mind after they purchased the property, we will prioritize their unit for assume or re-sell or rent.

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  1. The guarantee that you will be accompanied from start to finish during the whole process of purchasing the property: the research, the visits, the negotiations, signing of the papers, up until the turnover of purchased unit(s).
  2. They will be the intermediary between you and the seller, taking care of providing you with the necessary documents and facilitating the tasks one must do during the process of purchasing a property. The real estate agents will also make sure the sales agreement is drawn up according to the rules.
  3. The aim is to reach an agreement between the buyer and seller. Be aware that a realtor is as much in the service of the buyer and seller, they favor neither side.
  4. They know the area within which they work: the future opportunities such as metro stations, shopping centers and other infrastructures which will help add value to your property. They could also inform you about the facilities available nearby: shops, schools, means of transportation.
  5. Agents and brokers are informed about the properties that will be for sale soon. If you cannot find your ideal apartment immediately, the agency will perhaps advise you to wait a bit because it knows that a property answering your requirements will be for sale soon.
  6. Agents are more available and more flexible than owners when it comes to paying a visit to the property you are interested in.
  7. Real estate agents are specialists and they know the market prices, they have databases with the real selling prices. Enlisting their help ensures that you won’t be buying property at an unrealistic price.
  8. Buying properties with the help of real estate agents is the same price as you go directly to the developers office. If you go directly to the developer, nobody will help you in processing your documents except yourself. It would be best recommended to look for real estate agents or broker if you buy properties.

We believe peace of mind can be obtained if you are living with your own property. Investing as the market values of real estate grows up. We, at CEBU Real Estate Shop provide assistance and support for those individuals who are searching to have their dream home, business minded persons who are investing properties.

We set-up our user-friendly website with rich information, including details, sample computation, photos and videos (for some) in order for the prospect buyers to have full information before site tripping and/or reservation. We intended this so that each buyer will purchase the right properties.

We are in the sales department connected with the developers in Cebu and Bohol Philippines. We will not charge any amount to the buyers. What price in the developer office is the same as what we posted on our website. Buyers need to pay only to the developer office with our presence. We can assist the buyer in the processing of their document whether it is paid in cash, Pag-IBIG HDMF, bank financing, in-house financing and lease / rent to own properties. We guarantee that you will be accompanied by us from start to finish during the whole process of purchasing the property, up until the turnover of purchased unit(s).

Our company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as affiliated with 168 Land Realty and Development Corporation. For over the years, CEBU Real Estate Shop received multiple awards with real estate agents and broker registered with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

If you wish to have property in Cebu and Bohol. Whether it is a Condominium, House and Lot or Raw Land, feel free to inquire / send a message / call... we'd be happy to entertain any real estate questions / inquiries.

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