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House for Sale in Talamban Cebu City: Fontana Heights Residences

Fontana Heights house and lot a well-planned subdivision in Mandaue City Cebu is elevated vantage point. Generous road width smooth movement of vehicles.

Discover the elevated vantage point of Fontana Heights, a well-planned subdivision in Mandaue City. Enjoy smooth traffic flow on generously wide roads.



June 28, 2023 update

Fontana Heights subdivision
- Canduman, Mandaue City, Cebu

Fontana Heights Subdivision for Sale

Reservation/purchasing of this unit can be done personally in the office OR online! All payments must be directly deposited to the Fontana Heights's bank account.

Fontana Heights Subdivision House and Lot Unit Types;

FONTANA HEIGHTS RESIDENCES – houses that are built to endure, truly a place to be!

Fontana Heights Residences in Mandaue City, Cebu is a well-planned subdivision in an elevated vantage point. It is complete with prefab fences, gated entrance, speed humps and a 24 hour security to provide you with pease of mind. The generous road width coupled with sidewalk strips ensure smooth movement of both vehicles and pedestrian.

The Fontana Heights Residences community also has a flood control system (storm drainage), not only for the benefit of the owners, but also for the neighboring communities. Poured rain water is collected through a series of systems first captured in the rain water tanks through a rain water catchment system. Water in these tanks can be used for domestic purposes, saving water and ultimately the owner’s finances. Overflowing water lead to catch basins that temporarily holds water within each housing unit. These then is transferred to drainage manholes as it fills up shared by a block of housing units. Again, holding the water temporarily. Lastly, the water fills up the drainage manholes and moves to what we call Infiltration Basins. These basins ascertain that water do go back to the aquifers below. This is essential since the source of water in the subdivision come from within Fontana Heights Residences. Overflows lead to large Storm Water Detention Ponds that holds water before it is ever released in a series of large culverts leading to a creek. The level of attention and planning put into this provides confidence in the home owners that the community and its surrounding neighbors, is flood free.

AMENITIES: Fontana Heights Residences field a Multipurpose Covered Court, sporting games like basketball, badminton or volleyball. The court can host events and gatherings as well. Having a stage and arranged bleacher, events are easily hosted in the vicinity. In addition to this, there will be patches of parks and playgrounds distributed in the community.

State of the art Flood Control System, Prefab fences, gated entrance, speed humps and a24 hour security, Multipurpose Covered court, patches of parks and playgrounds distributed in the community.


  • Where every generation is secured;
  • Where hope is met with laughter;
  • Where togetherness is at;
  • Where your family’s story is written.


  • Spot Cash – 10% discount on the total contract price;
  • 20% Down payment in 6 months – 5% discount on the TCP;
  • 20% Down payment in 12 months no discount and with zero percent interest;

This may vary depending on the lot sizes and where it is facing.
Prices in CEBU-Real Estate Shop is the same as if you go directly to the sales office.

fontana heights single detached for sale

SOLD OUT - Rosewood Model single detached Fontana Heights for sale in Canduman Mandaue City Cebu.

fontana heights duplex for sale

SOLD OUT - Meranti Model duplex unit for sale at Fontana Heights in Canduman 9WCR+R34, Mandaue City, 6014 Cebu, PH.

fontana heights townhouse for sale

2 units left for sale. Almon Model townhouse for sale at Fontana Heights in Canduman Mandaue City Cebu Philippines.

  • Floor Area: 53 sqm.
  • Lot area: 55 sqm.
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 2 Toilet & Bath
  • Living
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • Service area
  • 1 Carport.

  • Total Contract Price: PhP 4,543,796
  • Reservation fee: PhP 20,000
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 12 months: PhP 74,063/month.
  • 80% Balance through Cash or Bank Financing : PhP 3,635,037
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
         ◦ 5 years: PhP 70,275/month.
         ◦ 10 years: PhP 40,356/month
         ◦ 15 years: PhP 30,675/month
         ◦ 20 years: PhP 26,043/month.

Real Estate values are increasing. The price is subject to increase without prior notice... So if you are aiming to have these properties, reserve now!!!

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Looking for a spacious home in Mandaue City, Cebu? Look no further than Fontana Heights! Our subdivision offers a variety of house and lot units for sale, including the Single Detached Rosewood Model, Duplex Meranti Model, and Townhouse Almon Model. These units provide ample living space and stunning design, perfect for families or individuals looking for a comfortable and stylish home. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of paradise in Fontana Heights - contact us today to learn more about our available units!

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Fontana Heights Subdivision

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