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Selling: 1.3 hectares in Candabong, Alcantara, Cebu at 250/sqm. This property offers picturesque views, featuring a mix of flat and hill slope terrain.

Invest in 1.3-hectare land in scenic Candabong Alcantara Cebu Philippines. Tax declaration, selling price: PhP 250/sqm. Enjoy an overlooking view with flat and hill slopes. Don't miss out!


May 6, 2023 update

1.3 Hectare Land Properties for Sale
- Candabong, Alcantara, Cebu, Philippines

Properties for sale in Alcantara Cebu

All payment cheques for land properties must be made payable to the land owner. All agreements shall be stated in the contract to buy and shall be notarized to ensure validity.


  • Area: 1.3 hectare = 13,000 sqm.
  • Status: Tax declaration
  • Selling price per square-meter: PhP 250/sqm.
  • Total selling price: PhP 3,250,000.
  • Overlooking
  • Flat and hill slope.
  • 20 meters to barangay road but the owner will be the one to provide right of way once purchased.
  • Capital gain tax are on the owner's account.
  • Transfer and registration fees are on the buyer's account.
  • Better grab now while its cheaper and affordable.

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1.3 Hectare Land Properties for Sale in Candabong, Alcantara, Central Visayas, 6033 Cebu, PH. Tax declaration, selling price: PhP 250/sqm. Overlooking with flat and hill slope. 20m to barangay road, owner to provide right of way. Grab it now while it's affordable!

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Alcantara Properties

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