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Condominium for sale: UU Condo Resort

Condo resort with phenomenal amenities, offering leisure and entertainment for tourists. Perfect for both local and international visitors. Great for Airbnb.

Discover UU Condominium for sale in San Isidro Dauis, Bohol! A condo with resort amenities that functions like a hotel and a resort, set on a large area of land with a less populated feel.


May 5, 2023 update

UU Condominium Resort for Sale
- San Isidro Dauis Bohol Philippines

UU condominium for Sale

Reservation/purchasing of this unit can be done personally in the office OR online! All payments must be directly deposited to the UU Condominium's bank account.

UU Condo Unit Types;

UU Condo Resort for sale in Panglao Bohol is a condominium with resort amenities that functions like a hotel and a resort. Indeed, the UU Condo Resort operates like a hotel and a resort at the same time. The units are still typically individually owned but the owners are given the option to enlist their units under the property management rental program. Complete with a registration desk and the usual services offered by a resort hotel, the units are rented out like any other hotel rooms to paying guests.

Condo resorts structure is similar to condominium projects. The noticeable difference can be the design and the layout, which is more classy, less functional and lots of space. The primary goal of the development is leisure and entertainment targeted to local and international tourists.

Imagine it this way. While you are on the move, away from home, you need to stay at a place of your choice where the main purpose is more than lodging. The UU Condo Resort is like a holiday hotel situated in a very large area of land but less populated that provides super luxury recreational facilities such as shopping boutiques, health spa, restaurants and a great beach.

Resort activities are usually outdoor and take advantage of the favorable climate or tropical setting. Note that the location and time of year usually determines what the resort is capable of offering.

In some parts of the globe, the season normally defines resort operations. However, the UU Condo Resort only have hot and humid weather conditions just like any tropical location.

The two main markets for condo resorts are group business and pleasure or leisure travelers. In most larger resorts that provide large scale meeting space and recreational activities, the group market has been recognized as the economic mainstay.

The UU Condo Resort sells the experience of a memorable stay for each and every resort guest. It may take many shapes and forms in different events depending on the guest. What is unique with the UU Condo Resort is the offer of extra amazing sort of unthinkable activities focused on extravagant and luxurious events such as fine dining, water sports and off property night life.

Sitting on a 5,297 sqm piece of land, the structure of the UU Condo Resort boasts of a 8,022 sqm total floor area of mixed accommodations and amenities that would be operated by the GB Power Resort and Management Corp.


  • 5 to 7 minutes drive to Panglao International Airport
  • 3 to 5 minutes drive to the gorgeous beaches and resorts of Panglao Isalnd.
  • 25 to 30 minutes drive to the historical museums and legendary places
  • A boat away to the marine sanctuary and the beautiful beaches of Pamilacan Island.

With UU condominium resort, the unit can be used by the owner as a vacation home for personal enjoyment or arrange it with the property admin as rental unit just like the AirBNB or hotel. Know that hotel resort condominiums seem to be most attractive with the travelers because of its features and amenities.

If the space is not rented, the unit owner may reserve it for personal use. Of course, the property management takes care of the rental process but will claim a percentage of the rental payment.

The cost of maintenance and cleaning services may be high because it is a 4 star resort. Condo dues is still based on the square footage of the unit. Should the owner choose to sell, there is also potential price appreciation of the condo resort unit.

There would be no monthly collection of condo dues. Prices are inclusive of transfer charges and VAT. Yes to bank loan.


  • 307sqm swimming pool
  • Tropical designed wide lounges
  • Open spaces
  • Elevator
  • 24 hour WiFi connection.
  • Laundry service
  • Concierge
  • Spacious parking spaces
  • Sauna
  • Spa and massage
  • Coffee shop.
  • Gift shop
  • Restaurant
  • Mini bar
  • Fitness gym
  • Private function rooms.
  • Viewing deck
  • Walking distance to the white beach
  • Island tours
  • Port and airport transfers.

Fully furnished condo resort units

The UU Condo Resort only sells Studio units with size of 37sqm. Studio VIP units have size of 55sqm up.

This may vary depending lot sizes, unit location, and where it is facing.
Prices in CEBU-Real Estate Shop is the same as if you go directly to the sales office.

uu condo studio
STUDIO with Balcony

37 sqm Fully furnished studio with balcony unit for sale at UU condo for sale in San Isidro Dauis Panglao Island Bohol.


  • Total contract price: PhP 5,180,000.
  • Discount: PhP 1,110,000 for studio unit only.
  • Discountedotal contract price: PhP 4,270,000.
  • 2nd floor, unit 47 to 56 facing uphill
  • Reservation fee: PhP 30,000.
  • 20% Equity of with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 24 months: PhP 35,333/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 3,392,000.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 69,592/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 42,056/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 33,402/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 29,436/month..
  • This is based on actual computation of UU condo.

uu condo vip room for sale
UU Condo VIP Unit

43 sqm Fully furnished VIP room at UU condo for sale in San Isidro Dauis Panglao Island Bohol Philippines.


  • Total contract price: PhP 6,215,800.
  • 3rd floor unit 6, interior room, beside multipurpose hall. Other location also available at higher prices.
  • Reservation fee: PhP 50,000.
  • 20% Equity with 0% interest payable in;
        ◦ 24 months: PhP 51,381/month.
  • 80% Balance through spot cash or bank financing: PhP 4,932,640.
    ESTIMATED Monthly Amortization, this may slightly vary in actual bank computation:
        ◦ 5 years: PhP 101,200/month
        ◦ 10 years: PhP 61,157/month.
        ◦ 15 years: PhP 48,573/month
        ◦ 20 years: PhP 42,807/month.
  • This is based on actual computation of UU condominium.

Real Estate values are increasing. The price is subject to increase without prior notice... So if you are aiming to have these properties, reserve now!!!

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Discover paradise with UU Condominium Resort for sale in HRJJ+56Q, San Isidro, Dauis, 6339 Bohol, PH. Enjoy top-notch amenities such as a 307sqm swimming pool, tropical lounges, a spa, and fitness gym. Own a fully furnished studio with balcony for only PhP 4,270,000 or a VIP room for PhP 6,215,800. Both come with 20% equity with 0% interest payable in 24 months and flexible bank financing options. Walk to the nearby white beach, book an island tour, and indulge in local cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Don't miss out on this opportunity, reserve now!

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